Sunday, October 4, 2015

World Animal Day 4th October

Let's celebrate World Animal Day on OCTOBER 4, 2015!!!

It's a wonderful and international day of action for "animal rights and welfare," it is celebrated on October 4,  coincide with Feast Day  of our Patron Saint of Francis of Assisi, a saint for all creatures  in the World.

According to
Their Mission is to raise status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.

Each country has their own way to celebrate this occassion.
By doing some charities or putting up some seminars to increase awareness regarding animal welfare.

Also, It was first established in 1931 by Ecologist in Florence Italy and it spread like a wild fire all throughout the archipelago.

So, be aware, be involved and show that you care. Speak and make a difference. Help the endagered species by writing or joining animal organization. You can also donate food or adopt an animal.

I love cats, dogs, birds and fishes, so, it makes me a Pet Lover. That is why, I have written this Blog to share some thoughts on how to love and appreciate all animals around you, big or small. Even, its a stray or domestically cared.

As I browse, the net for additional information. I've learned that World Animal Day in UK has advertised their Animal awareness by using a World Animal Day brand and logo, their mission is to successfully unites animal welfare movement and mobilise a global impact for the betterment of animals across the globe.

Also, they have sample ideas for World Animal Day that can be useful each year celebration, which includes:

*awareness and educational events
*shelter and pet adoption
*conference and workshops
*marathons and concerts for charities
*radio and tv interview
*peaceful protest march to raise awarenes and encourage
  Animal protection

To be involved and spread the spark in social media, you can join Sweet Firebrand's Thunderclap or joining the campaign
#World AnimalDaypostersocialmediacampaign- Caroline Ruane of World Animal Day.

So, to all social media netizens, fellow bloggers and friends.
BE involved and scatter, our passion in writing by spreading awareness to all Filipino's regarding Animal rights and welfare.


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