Saturday, October 3, 2015

Blast from the Past, SACTHMI celebrates 1st Anniversary!!!

I guess, I will never known SATCHMI store in MegaMAll.
If I haven't joined the Blogger's Association in the Phil. Or Pinoy Bloggers.
Thank God, they were able to post that Satchmi
Will be having their first birthday.
So, I waited Sept. 26, 2015, to be part of their celebration.

If you ask me,
 What attracts me to be present on their Anniversary
 it is like turning back in time. I'm pretty curious
How the modern techie world adapts in having
vinyl records and turntables because I only
See this to my dad and my Grandma's house,
However, turntables way back then are huge,
It has a box, a narra one and together, vinyl records
are kept in one place.

So, I'm so excited and I bring along my behalf,
Because I know he will love this place.
It's like reminiscing memory lane with a twist.
New set of music, approach in marketting and new brands of
Turntables which is MOTORINO

Furthermore, the celebration is a big blast.
A success, the floor is so crowded with people, taking photos
Enjoying their food and drinks.
Listening to cool  & unique music.

I simply, love the place
the explicit design of the wood, it's like your following a trail and your surrounded with vinyl and turntables.
the elegantly hanging of frames on the sides, the orderly
fashion of vinyl records on the box. Most of all,
I love their graffiti wall, so, classic and artistically made
with joy and passion with music.

To sum it up, the event is fabulously celebrated.
With the Vintage style , SATCHMI shows simplicity, humilty and
with elegance.
 I recommend SATCHMI STORE to all people young at heart.
To visit this place, aside from they're advocacy of supporting Green House Project.
As you step in the store, it's like you rode a time machine.
But, this time vinyl records and turntables are high tech,
brighter colors and cooler designs.

To know why, I love SATCHMI STORE.

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