Thursday, October 8, 2015

3 Quotes for Believing your Passion!!!

My 3 Favorite Quotes that Inspired 
me this 3wks!

What a roller coaster ride!!!
Arriving the biggest decision in my life!
Following my Passion in Writing!
Waiting for the perfect time with 
Patience & Perseverance!
Accepting a blessing that rocks 
My World!

When, you feel you can no longer breathe,
if you feel your stress out in life,if no 
One appreciates your skills, simply, 
boredom strucks your whole being. 
Your joy is no where to found.
Jump in the clouds.Just dive and 
get out..Get lose with your shell
And no turning back.

Knowing what you love is simply 
knowing yourself. No one can tell or dictates you, what you believe in.
Your soul knows how to act, how to react and how to respond to things 
You love the most.
You can never be astray, your path
Had already written. It is within you,
You all have the answers. 
You just need to listen to 
Your Heart.

Others, can be influence through your
bright aura. It radiates beautifully around you. YOU awaken the soul that 
Makes them expresses their real self.
Without pretentions and hesitation.
Following, what u love is like
Standing in the center of a rushing cold waterfalls. Your body doesn't recognized
The heavy drops of the water.
But, you only focuses the beauty 
Of the flow of the water coming from
A beautiful creation, the wonderful 
Landscape above you.
You see a different angle because
You love standing there, you love
what your doing and your in control with
your own actions. 
You write outstandingly and capture outrageous images because 
You feel the passion flowing your veins.
Indeed, your intuition and spirits unites.
You do things magically and you awaken
Others, thru your unique positivity. 
So, spread the brightness of your wings.
Touch one soul and release happiness
In their life. By exchanging
 the love and joy.
Others, will reciprocate and 
our world will be filled with peole who has a passionate heart within.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Love by @Seraphimblue44

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