Thursday, October 8, 2015

No to Eyebrow madness with Make-up Goru, Jigs Mayuga

National Brow Day with Jigs Mayuga at SM MAKATI
A Well-known celebrity make-up artist !!!

Following, the k-palette blog launching from other fellow bloggers brought me to follow this fashion Icon Jigs Mayuga at IG Last Oct. 2, 2015 for his make-up series workshop at SM Beauty.
Am I stalker, no, i'm not, im just an Event finder accidentally.

Love the display of different brands for beautiful Eyes,
Revlon, Nyx, k-pallete & MAC etc.

During the make-up workshop, 
There are tips , advices and techniques that 
He shared. I listen very eagerly, because its difficult 
to have an eyebrow make-up.
Trimming it up, defining the color, finding 
the right palette to used and the symmetrics 
eye brow arch. Here are some images of the 
make-up session demonstration.

Eye brow Make-up Notes:

1) Use White Eyebrow Pencil to follow
the natural shape  or pencil conceiler
2) Then,use Eyebrow brush from corner of the nose line
 from the tail eye corner
3) Use Eyebrowmarker to follow arch,
from light to dark to defining the eyebrow 
4) Trimming should be done below the arch
for good contouring
5) Apply eyebrow pallette, grey brown or light brown,
from light shade filling then, the dark filling 
With a soft stroke.

Model: Arce & Nicole

Thanks Thea for the Eye-brow Makeover!

Jigs Mayuga's Tips: 

A) Avoid using red eye brow pallette like our
 grandma usually apply.Use grey brown, 
cool brown Or berry plum for youthful glow
B) When brushing eyebrow, 
follow the direction of eyebrow hair
C) Use hairspray at the tip of the eyebrow brush.
Gently brush the Eyebrow upward outward
D) Avoid plucking the eyebrow 
3months before your wedding
E) Use Revlon for Eyebrow Brush
F) For Brow marker use MAC 
G) For fuller Eyebrow, wear simple make-up
H) Remember, filling the arch with an
Eyemarker can last for the entire event.

Thank you for reading this Blog!!

Love, Seraphimblue44