Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Fave Top 10 List of Emerging Influential Blogs 2015 Writing Projects

Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2015

I came across a lot of bloggers. Indeed, I'm very thankful that I have met someone who shows me directions and inspired me to write more. Also, I'm so blessed that Mr. Ver Garcia gave me an opportunity to be one of the members of Bloggers Association of the Philippines. From that moment on, my routine life changes instantly, it became so exciting and filled with joy. My passion in writing came alive and boost my inner self confidence.

Well, I'm returning back to show some gratitude for all the bloggers that I believe should be on the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015. Bloggers who shown explicit skills and drive for writing influential blogs that uplifts the interest of readers in the land.

Here are my Top 10 List:

1)Made It Through Mum (
A simple and a witty Mom who expresses her love into writing blogs, attending events and inspiring people to live life to the fullest. Despite of her, life-threatening event in the past, she became a blessing to her co-blogger friends. She’s a sweet fighter & a kind-hearted ninja who embrace life with simplicity, humility and gratitude to our creator.

2)Merry Mommy May (
Another, Super Mom Blogger whose dedicated in sharing her day to day thoughts of being a loving wife & a banker rolled into one. By the way, she is an advocate of beauty and elegance as glamour make-up enthusiasts.

3)Girl,Unspotted (
Just a Girl thriving on adventures and stimulated by the unusual. She share her tales, tips, guides and travel hacks on her blog. A simple and a fabulous beauty inspiring to conquer the world by travelling places and enduring the perks of life.

4)Chef Jay’s Kitchen (
A handsome chef who loves to cook delicious recipes, give excellent restaurant reviews and tips of new trends of food delights. His passion is cooking. He delivers outstanding cooking expertise to showcase his classic way of introducing food into your plate.

5)Runner Rocky (
A runner enthusiasts who influence people to be physically fit and maintain healthy lifestyle through Running and some Sporty activities. His blogs showcases his numerous awards and talks about challenges in life that needs to be overcome by finishing the track no matter what happens.

6) Take off Philippines(
A blog that showcase the pleasure of travelling and taking risk for exploring new places. A blog that promotes new discoveries of food haven in the land.

7)Manila Concert Junkies (
I love music and all entertainment buzz happening in the Manila Concerts. Their blogs shares terrific insights of what’s really happening in the concert scene. The fantastic loud noises of the drums and the strums of the guitar; the cool crowd shouting with admiration. Simply, Music dwells in their hearts. So, I included them in the list.

8)Love Teacher Angel (
For me, her blog is like a message coming from an Angel. She inspire, encourage and teach important lessons in life. She deliberately shows that we could learn from one another, her purpose to deliver a substantial force of creative learning by exploring outside her boundaries through writing. She’s truly a God’s warrior princess.

9)BizH20 (
I choose this blog because its informative in terms of updates & insights for business opportunity and it educates the readers regarding the corporate world, media social trends and financial accounts investment.

10) Seraphimsnotes (
Finally, I want to include my blog in the list. Yes, I'm a newbie and I just came active recently. But,if you won't believe in yourself, no one will believe in you. Yes, I do have a passion in writing, I blog events, my love for angels, cars and eiffel towers. It's been 2wks since,I've been active and I had already attended events and promotions that I could never imagine that I would experience those things,so instantly.I'm so grateful and thankful, for other bloggers whose been so accommodating & so friendly.

Blogging is not only for giving reviews of products, recommendation of company's, suggestion of new restaurants, travelling to various places.
But, I believe, Blogging is an art of the soul.
You cannot write a wondrous, heartfelt and real stories of you don't
have a passion in writing. 

The true essence of blogging is the experience you gain, 
the foundation of true self-less love for writing.
For me, each time I write, I feel that I'm surrounded 
with light, love and serenity of spirit.
That is why, I created a wondrous piece. Some cannot ponder
the real message. But, if you are truly a writer, you will
determine the glow and it vibrates into your whole being.

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To all fellow Bloggers, Congratulations for those who will be qualified
 for the List of Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015... 

Seraphimblue would like to say, thank you for all the readers who visits my Blog.
I've prayed that somehow I've touched your hearts.
I'm thankful and blessed for all my new found mommy bloggers friends
who helped me by. Truly,they have such a pure heart of kindness, humility & love.

"Be an Angel to someone else whenever you can, as a way of thanking God
for the help your angel has given you."

I would love to hear your thoughts and  insights. Just drop by a message!
Thank you with Love!!