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Authentic Hap Chan Cuisine at Evia Lifestyle Center!!!

For almost 2 years, we been together, most of the time, we ate at Chinese Restaurant,  from Mann Hann to North Park, our favorite food place in Makati and BGC to have a dinner date before going home in Cavite. I'm not fond of Chinese Food, I only loved tempura, california maki and calamares. But, with him, he let me try to eat a different one.

So, this time around, after, we celebrate my Brother-In-Law 's Birthday at Shakeys Evia, as we walked around to tour Evia Lifestyle Center. We decided to drop by and try this place, its Hap Chan, indeed, a Chinese Food Outlet on the South. 

So, what makes it special, aside, from the Red Vibrant LED Lights on the Wall, with Hap Chan on it. I guess, its the Red Lanterns with different shapes and designs on the Ceiling. 

Actually, it caught my attention, as we all know, Red symbolizes Fire, Energy, Passion , Determination and Action. However, with the  Japanese &  Chinese people, it symbolizes longevity, good fortune and celebration.

The place is not that spacious on the Ground Floor but on the Second Floor, I believe it can occupy atleast 40 or more. But, if you walk on the stairs, you can easily noticed all the lanterns and you will love the bamboo leaf design on the glass window. 

Hap Chan Mascot

Here's the organized, symmetrical and circular Red Lanterns on the Left View of the Second Floor...

You can easily take a view on the 1st Level of Hap Chan, with edge steel rails and glass fiber leaf bamboo design of the railings with plastic red chairs...

The Second Floor of Hap Chan

Bamboo Leaf Design on the Wall

Hap Chan Menu

Matcha Tea

Definitely, Tea is a must, in all Chinese Restaurant. Aside from its soothing taste , it calms your nerves and its beneficial for your gastric problems. 

I loved Tea so much because its my remedy for my hyperacidity. Also, I love Matcha Tea and all kinds of Tea, name it. I've already tried it during my Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Appreciation Workshop at CBTL Starmall Daang Hari. I've tasted all CBTL Teas. 

Fish Fillet with Broccoli

Because my stomach is still full due to pizza and carbonara. We just ordered my favorite Vegie Broccoli. Ofcourse, its delicious and you can taste the broccoli in your mouth, as you grind it slowly. They cooked it so crunchy. 

YanChow Rice 
Good for 4 Persons

We are both surprised with their Yan Chow Rice servings, we are just the two of us, but, its like we added 2 more for the rice. Ofcourse, we weren't able to ate it all. Only 1/4 then, we take-it out!

Sweet Barbecue Chicken Feet

Occasionally, I do eat Chicken Feet, but, it depends on how it was cooked. He asked me to take a bite, but, I don't like how it was cooked. I just find it different, the sweetness and the sauce. My taste bud cannot describe it. So, ill let him finished it all.  He find it so yummy and tasteful. Good for him because Chicken Feet is one of his favorite dish especially with "Adobong Adidas". A Filipino Dish that oftenly cooked if there's a drinking session or celebration. I guess, you need to try this unique Filipino Dish...

To sum it up, we have a delighful afternoon at Hap Chan Vista Mall. Though, he just noticed that one of the crew doesn't know how to follow the command or request of the customer because when Alex tried to ask for exchange of RootBeer In Can, because it doesn't have a pull-up steel. What the crew did, he just open it and she doesn't return a new set of Root Beer...but, well, we tried to expand our understanding, its the first time. So, patience is a virtue. Overall, i love the place and my bheibeiko love the chicken feet and I love the broccoli. Yes, indeed, next pit stop of Hap Chan in another branch in the Metro, 

You can call Hap Chan Vista Mall
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Thank you for reading my Hap Chan Food Dining 
Experience at Evia Lifestyle Center
Vista Mall, Alabang!!!

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