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United Bloggers Philippines 1st Thanksgiving Party at Y2 Residences Hotel!!!

If I can describe United Bloggers Philippines in 2 words, it will be "Ying Yang". Why? Because, most of the members who attended this Thanksgiving Party has 2 sides of personality and i'll explain it to you further. Still, i'll remember, the quote saying "shy people tend have great observational skills, making it easier to recognize the core of a problem then solving it".

So, particularly, I'm a type of a girl who loves to observed and silently feel the rhythm of people. I can easily detect if I feel belong in a group or not, i believe, most of us, has the same characteristics that I have. Some people has a radar,intuition that makes them different in some ways.

I'm very happy to be part of United Bloggers Philippines Group, wherein I could easily express myself, quite timid but, most of my sweet senior bloggers are friendly, accomodating and kind-hearted. Basically, their more exposed in the limelight in terms of attending events and into writing promo adds and press release.

But, somehow, i've fond a great camaraderie, joy and warmth love being with them. Their genuinely real individual who expresses freely what they really feel without any remorse. Like, our sponsor Tanduay Select, UBP members are fierce, strong and has an elegant taste in choosing right products to endorse.

So, why did I choose Yin Yang to describe our group, beside that our venue is Y2 Residences Hotel sponsored by Herbalife c/o Ms. Charmaine Pahate, EggShell Marketing, its because, like Yin Yang, our group is balance, some of us has a dominant and aggressive type of Blogger who actively writes what she feels without thinking of what others will say, some are submissive , passive and soft in terms of writing who is inclined with great optimism, positive thinking and humility that makes our beauty glow like one of our sponsor, Lachica Beauty Products.

Photo Credits to Yvonne

We have mixed personalities that makes our group blend from one another like Intiende Salon, one of our raffle sponsors, they offer different type of hair care expertise that is appropriate with your own hairstyle. Furthermore, Our Humor, affection, compassion and real friendship that we show to one another are the qualities that makes our group unique and pleasant to hang-out with. Like, Philcare and Herbalife, we truly care for each other.

Like, water in the spring, we just let ourselves flow and be who we really are, no pretentions and apprehensions, like our official water for our United Bloggers Philippines Thanksgiving Party 2016, AquaBest. It never fades to render fresh and best H20 to overcome our thirst in Life.

This UBP thanksgiving party is a memorable one for me, its my first time to attend a Bloggers Party, since,I've been active a year ago. I'm blessed and thankful for meeting those wonderful and real people.

Furthermore, what I loved most on our venue the Y2 Residences, aside its inspired with Ying Yang Design, you can see the tall skyscrapers of Makati and its City Lights, its so lovely to look at it at night. Also, I were able to enjoy swimming bonding with my UNITED BLOGGERS PH Friends❤❤❤ You can see all the images below.

Y2 Residences View Deck
Makati City View & City Lights

Pool Side with UBP Friends, swimming
Bonding after the Party

Here are some are of our 
United Bloggers Philippines Thanksgiving 
Party Photos and the Raffle Winners:

Rizza with Ms. Khristine Gabriel
Of Lachica, one of UBP Sponsors

Winners for Lachica
Beauty Products
Ann and Ms. Gabriel

Winners for Intiendes Salon, Ms. Macy

Another, Winner for Intiende Salon, Ms. Lani

Winners for the Raffle
Yvonne and Ms. Adae

Bette, Ms. adae & orlee

Bette, Ms. Adae and Ann

Bette, Nhessie & Ms. Adae

Bette,Ms. Adae & Thea

Bette, Leira & Ms. Adae

More Winners for the Raffles:
Pose for Prizes

Winner for Tanduay Select
C/o Ms. Charmaine Pahati 
Of EggShell Events
(R-L) Ms.Khristine,Ms.Lani & Ms. Charmaine

Groufie of UBP

More Prizes to come....

City Lights with Co-Blogger 
Nhessie and Lani

Pretty Bette and Ms. Vicxi

Ate Macy and Cheerybells, Yourstruly

Sweet Yvonne and I

My good buddy

More events and party to come.  So, to my fellow UBP , may we always seek yin yang, a balance between our Heart and Mind, to choose goodness,positivity, selflessness, compassion & gratitude rather than negativity, anger, envy,pride & arrogance.

Yin Yang to all United Bloggers Philippines and to all our dear Sponsors. From the bottom of my Heart. Thank you for your friendship and support. For the Sponsors, for all the Prizes you given away. More Brighter Years for your company this coming 2017. 

My YingYang

Thank you to our pretty Host, Admin. and Organizer, Ms. Adae Ang for making this event possible. Thank you for being my Sister, Mentor and Friend, you inspired me a lot.Thank you for always being there for me. Likewise, I may be timid most of the time, but, if you need me. I'll run to you as fast as I can, if there's no traffic. Seriously, I'm thankful to God for giving us opportunity to be more closer & develop a genuine friendship. Godspeed😇

Ms. Adae with her good friends and UBP Sponsors
 (R) Ms. Maricar Campanilla of Intiende Salon and (L) Ms. Charmaine Pahate of EggShell Events Marketing

Thank you for reading my Blog about Our United 
Bloggers Philippines Christmas & Thankgiving Party!!!

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