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Bulalo Point: Best Bulalo House in Tagaytay!!!!

Filipino's are well-known with cultural family traditions wherein Family reunions and gatherings are celebrated with festivity especially during Birthdays, Christmas or New Year. 

One value that makes Filipino different is the generosity and love for family. It's already within our roots, it's natural to serve others and share our blessings to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. That is why, my sister and her friend Dyan came up with a charity event during their december birthdays with the support of their family and friends. After, the event, we decided to drop by at Bulalo Point in Tagaytay to take our dinner and have a simple get together. One of the best restaurant in Tagaytay that offers a hot and sizzling Bulalo Dish. 

Indeed, I've been in Tagaytay, many times, visited some of the tourist spots in Food Dining, Spiritual Retreat Houses or Vista Inn. I love the warm ambience of the Taal Volcano Lake , its so relaxing and you'll feel an enormous tranquility looking at the majestic view of Taal. 

But, what makes people keep coming back in Tagaytay, aside from the cold environment & the beautiful volcano, its because only in Tagaytay, you will find the bestdelighful dish in town, that Filipino's loves to eat , its so called "Bulalo", its a beef meat with its bone marrow portion cooked and boiled with water until it was simmer. Then, they will add the ingredients to have its own unique bulalo flavor. That makes it more delicious and mouth watering, ofcourse, Bulalo Point has its own secret recipe.

Hot & Sizzling Bulalo

My favorite Bulalo in Black Banga

Black Banga

One of the Filipino favorites during celebrations. 
Yummy Lechon Kawali

Bulalo Point Models: 
My Sister Donna, Maricel
and her bestie Florence

As the staff, slowly placed the Dish on the table, I managed to take a picture & a video to capture this amazing menu. Indeed, I love the taste and as I slowly sipped the Bulalo Soup, I craved for more. Ofcourse, in moderate mode because Bulalo can really trigger Hypertension. So, for Individuals who has a high blood pressure or cholesterol. I suggest to take their medicine first, for precautionary measures. 

Photos of Bulalo Point:

Furthermore, we love the place,eventhough, our background view is so dark and we can't see the Taal Lake. But,we can feel the cold breeze of christmas in Tagaytay.

Also,the Staff are accomodating and friendly , they serve our meals, efficiently. Love their brand label design, their wooden tables & chairs. While, Bulalo Point can accomodate almost 200 people at the same time with their spacious area.

For individuals, whose looking for the best tasting Bulalo House. Visit, Bulalo Point in Tagaytay. It's ideal for Family & Friends Food Dining Experience after a long day of your Tagaytay Tour.  Relax and sipped a hot Bulalo Soup or  either order a Lechon Kawali Dish for the Family.

Indeed, it has been a memorable day , filled with heartfelt moments with the kids of Little's Angel Home Inc. and a Fun Family Food Experience at Bulalo Point in Tagaytay.

Seraphim declares that "BULALO POINT" has the best-selling Bulalo Dish in Tagaytay. My rating for this Bulalo Restaurant is 9 thumbs up. 

For Bulalo Cravers, don't forget to drop by a Bulalo Point, you'll love the place with affordable price and best tasting bulalo house in the country. 

Our Family Photos before eating Bulalo:
My Family and my Sister's Friends

My Sisters Friends and Workmates
Who voluntered for the Charity Event

My Sisters Bestie Florence and my Dad,
Amazing Dark Blue skies in the

Kulitan with the Kids, my niece Alessandria Cassiel (Orange Headband) and her new friend

Thank you for reading my blog about
Bulalo Point 2016!!!

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