Friday, December 23, 2016

My Christmas Tree and Bethlehem Blog Photo Collection 2016!!!

LittleAngels Home Inc. Bethlehem 

"The Magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in his presence"

It's been a wondrous year and a roller coaster of joy and sadness for me. Despite, of all the failures, wrong decisions & lack of courage. I was able to surpass this year and learn to count my blessings. Be grateful for people who truly love and care for me. To appreciate and value my Family and Loved-ones. To cherished new genuine friends and be thankful for real friendship.

Manila Ocean Park Bethlehem

The 9 Mornings or "Simbang Gabi", a Filipino Tradition had been one of my goals or sacrifice during Christmas time, not because I want my wish to come true if I were able to complete the 9 mornings. But, it's one way to show my love and to strengthen my faith in him. Simbang Gabi taught me a lot of things, the priest explained whose the real star of Christmas. Also, Our Priest discussed the difference between Bethlehem and a Christmas Tree.

SM Makati Mickey Tree

He noticed that few Facebook User posted a Photo of Bethlehem. Mostly, individuals posted a picture of tall and bright Christmas Tree with a Big Star on it. But, did you ask yourself if there's one thing that is important in a Christmas Tree, what  would it be? Is that the Angel Figurines, Gifts under the tree or the Christmas Balls, the most important thing is "the Star". 

Manila Ocean Park

Why? Remember, the 3 Kings who followed the Star so they can visit a child & give their gifts, a child will be born in a meanger. Indeed, without the brightest star. They won't be able to track it's path toward our savior who was born in Bethlehem. Our Priest mentioned the importance, of the simplicity of Christ when he was born by our Mother Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ is the Star of the Night. Our God Father in Heaven gave his begotten Son to save mankind.

Shakeys Christmas Tree
with Ac & Santa

We should always remember Christ Love for his children. However, Bethlehem symbolizes  Love for Family, a Silent Night wherein Angels rejoices for our Savior is born. So, that Peace and Love will reign on Earth.

Evia Lifestyle Center Christmas Tree

So, here's some of my Photo Collection to be used for my Christmas Blog that I've taken this Christmas Holidays 2016. 

My Dad and Ac, my Niece
At the LittleAngelsHomeInc. Orphanage

Furthermore, Christmas is not only for
receiving Gifts but it's time to 
Be a Blessing to Others!!!

Not only this Yuletide Season, but, for the whole year round. Charity and love starts within our Family. 
Share and you will receive 
Abundant gifts of love and hapiness.

White Christmas at Makati 
Shangrila Hotel


Blue Christmas at H20 Hotel 

Wishing you all, blessing of peace,
beauty of hope, comfort of faith, sprinkle of joy and warmth love❤❤❤

Makan-makan Blue Christmas Tree
and Winged-Angel

Thank you for reading my blog about
My Christmas Tree & Bethlehem Photo 
Blog Collections 2016!!!

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