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Parades of BMW Cars at Bimmerfest 2016!!!

What I love most in blogging and attending events, is that I am able travel to new places that I have never been to. Take Note: most of the time, I'm a "GIRL WANDERER / GIRL ADVENTURISTA". Places that are faraway, I still need to research and use a famous apps online "Mr.Google Map" to be able to locate my path.

Nevertheless, with my Angel's Guidance, I was able to arrive in my destination, safe and sound. That's why Capitol Commons is a big challenge for me coz I'm not familiar with Pasig. Maybe, I'm of a country side girl rather a city life person. Definitely, I 've decided to attend the Bimmerfest 2016 this year, wherein BMW Cars will parade at Capitol Commons.

I love cars so much that I wanna take a picture of old and new BMW Models.

Upon, finding my way out of the traffic. Finally, I got there and I first saw the BMW  Motorrad parking tent wherein BMW Motor Bikes are parked, to be visited by Motor Rider Enthusiasts and BMW fanatics.

Those bikes are so big & elegant. Suddenly, I remembered, the Gangland Undercover Artist on History Channel in United States who rode big bikes during the History Convention here in MANILA.

They're so cool and tough looking guy. However, I love seeing the BMW labels near the engines of the BMW Motorrad and I know how expensive it is. Riding those will surely turn heads on the road.

As I walked on the pavements towards the Car Show, I came across the Shell Booth. I was distracted with the big gas oil, the Shell Helix Ultra and the Shell Car poster, so, I took a picture of  it.

Then, as I looked around, I saw all those fabulous BMW Cars, from 1986 to its latest BMW 2016 Model Series. One of my favorites in the BMW car show is the red vinyl colored car wherein Pia Danielle Padre,Model and Mr. Edwin Reyes, President of BMW Car Club of the PH  are having a photo shoot in the center.  So, I took an opportunity to take shots and practice my skills in low-light photography using only my phone, aka: "phoneography".

My Very Own Photo Shoot
with Pia Danielle Padre
With Mr. Edwin Reyes,
Pres. BMW Car Club of PH

Furthermore, the Car that caught my attention  is the 2 Door BMW series.  It's a sport car and I bet, it has a speed like a racing car.

Totally, I was amazed with the old models, the BMW Box type, if you  look closely, their front design and bumper are so unique,distinct and classy. If you have an old hot wheels miniature or the matchbox, it has the same features.

Here's the old Box Type BMW Cars, still, in good conditioned, look at the hood design, the bumper and the head lights, you can simply see the difference:

But, this time in real figure. Ofcourse, I've been able to touch the hood to feel its texture.

Here are some photos of the BMW Cars:

I love this Red Vinyl BMW Car!!
My Fave BMW Car at 

BMW Sports Car

Love the Black Vinyl 
and Lettering Designs

Red BMW Sports Car
2 Door Type

BMW 2016 Model Series

BMW Sports Car, Awesome!!!

Aside, from the engines, hood, front bumper, tail lights & headlights. I loved looking at the mags and the wheels. I can't believe there is a BMW label on it.

Cool BMW Labels

Also, here are some photos of the sponsors and booths at Bimmerfest 2016:

Village  Sports Club

Mogu-mogu & 
Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics


To sum it up,  Bimmerfest 2016, also, has BMW Motor show, I would like you to see this fabulous and luxurious BMW Motors: 

With Kuya John Cueto, Media Partner of Bimmerfest 2016

Even, If I was caught on traffic,seeing those fabulous and awesome BMW Cars completed my day. Even in photos, I was able to collect and see those amazing masterpieces. Truly, I am a car fanatics. It is my dream goal to go to Singapore to watch the F1 Race and  hear those F1 Engines live.

Thank you Light Network Channel 33 "Magaan Dito, Kaibigan", our media partner on this event and Sir Next Layderos Tugade, Marketing Head for all the support.

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Also, Thank you to PMCM Events c/o Ms. Mys Sandico, CEO of PMCM Events and Sir Ralph for the Invitation. More events  and blesings to come,more power!!!

Thank you for reading my blog about BIMMERFEST 2016  Co-partnered by
Ortigas & Company Partnership
at Capitol Commons  last 
DECEMBER 10, 2016!!

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