Friday, December 30, 2016

Mustard Seed Bloggers Network Meet-Up 2016!!!

This is the second time, I have attended A Mustard Seed Bloggers Meet-up with my fellow Lifestlye and Techie Bloggers wherein Mustard Seed Systems will be featuring new technologies and innovations that can be useful in our Digital World were living in. New knowledge in terms of improving our website and our day to day ventures in terms of writing , office and school usage.

To some people, whose a little bit curious, here's some background of their company profiles, vision and mission.

Mustard Seed Systems Corporation started its operation on September 1999 mainly to distribute and sell off-the-shell accounting and marketing point-of-sale software in the Philippines with its advantage of lower cost plus fast and easy implementation as compared to customized systems, the accounting software had gain its popularity in SMB in the Philippines.

In early years, Mustard Seed develops their own Payroll software to address the needs of its clients. As the company added new product innovations to render service to small medium businesses such as Timekeeping, Payroll Outsourcing, Surveillance Security, HR Information, Network Back up Systems, Parking and even Integrated Fire and Security Systems, Anti-theft and many more....

For its, 16th year, their vision to be the leading provider for management solutions, services & products, helping small and medium enterprises make the most of their business.

Also, their true with their mission to increase customer's efficiency & profitability by making their business process easier and providing best in class product , keeping in mind our commitment to God's greater glory, the betterment of our employees, shareholders and society in general. 

You can visit their Mustard Seed Newsroom website at
For latest updates, products, press release and opportunities.

Main Office:
Mustard Seed Corporate Center
47 Kamias Rd. Brgy. Pinahan Quezon City

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Here are the photos during the Product Presentation:
Learning some tips in
Social Media by the 
Creative Director of Gadget Watch
Visuals are more important in attracting Social Media Platforms

CyberPower is the solution for black-outs in the Philippines...

Use Intuit, a Quickbooks Online for an organized SME Business Company

NCOMPUTING, A Popular product for School and Office Business to create
Efficient and affordable Internet Usage & Network.

I love learning new technology's online and products that is accessible within our finger tips. With our fast paced UniWorld were livin, updates are important to make our life more easier. 
There are a lot of products coming out but just delicately choose the right one for you. One that suits your lifestyle. One that brings up your passion.

Here are some photos of the Media Bloggers who attended this event:

Thank you for reading my blog about Mustard Seed Media Bloggers Network Meet-up!!

Thank you Mustard Seed, I won a Bluetooth SpeakeršŸ˜Š 

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