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White Moon Bar: Most Romantic Spot to Chill at the Metropolis!!!

White Moon Bar, the most romantic and relaxing spot in the Metro.....
Escape from City Life Madness....

Imagine, last month, November 14, people across the globe has been able to witnessed and see the Supermoon, after, almost 68 years. Yes, it appeared again. Seeing that majestic beauty filled my heart with glee.

But, what if there's a place, where you can chill and watch the Moon and the falling stars together with the one you loved, Wherein, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the cold wind of December. Indeed, there is a perfect place for you to unwind from the busy life of the Metro, to relax and just enjoy the delicious buffet and to catch with old friends and loosen up with stressful deadlines.

White Moon Bar Buffet
Last Friday Night, December 9, 2016 after the wedding of my brother, I was able to attend the Grand Launching of White Moon Bar at H20 Hotel, Manila Ocean Park with the invitation of our media partner "Light Network Channel 33, Magaan Dito Kaibigan". It is situated on the second floor of Manila Ocean Park Complex in Luneta, as the Third food and beverage outlet of the well-known hotel H20, the bar obliges the need for an after office evening hang-out. My intuition is right, definitely, I would love the place. I found it relaxing,a soothing site to be closer to our creator. Believe me seeing those clouds, blue ocean and if your much earlier, you'll be able to see the sunset. it gives you a warm feeling and calm effect that relieves the tensions of your body. Your visual interpretation of your surroundings will lighten your spirit and White Moon Bar can pacify your tiresome body with their majestic view of Manila Bay. As Resty Vidad, the Food and Beverage Manager, recognized the busy work life and endeavors to provide an escape from the daily stress. 

The evening had been more colorful with the fireworks as White Moon Bar was launched that night. Then, the mouth watering buffet, from Letchon, Kare-Kare, grilled sausage, beef patties, baked potato, grilled chicken and many more dishes paraded the buffet table. Also, a special bare fare line up which includes White Moon Bar Supreme Pizza, Chicken Wings, Calamansi Rings, Dimsum Choices and healthy options are available for your enjoyment. In addition, signature dishes like Garlic Crispy Pata and Sizzling Mixed seafood with Garlic and Herbs are prepared daily by the Bar's Head Chef, Aurelio Delos Reyes, to entice you.

Delicious Beef Copta
Yummy Lechon

My Favorite Corn Salad and Tomato

Grilled Hungarian Sausage and Hotdogs

Mouth Watering Grilled Beef Pattys and Chicken

The parades of deserts  from swany claire, black forest, choco mouse and flavored pinna cotta are so delicious. You can also ask for cocktail drinks like Thai Malibu and Blue Lemonade with a mix of Vodka & Rum.

Sweet Swany Claire

Deserts Parades at White Moon Bar Launch
Sweet Drew Berry and Strawberry Pana Cotta

Cinnamon Bread

White Moon Bar also offers specialty drinks and cocktails, varieties of beer, wine, whiskey, rum , vodka, brandy and tequila are also feautured.

Strong Thai Malibu

Yummy Tempura and Cold Iced Tea

What I loved most with White Moon Bar is the architectural designs of the crib square sofa wherein your group of friends can relax like your infront of your living room watching TV, it has soft colorful pillows and white curtains and as you stare on the ceiling, it has sky art drawings like your looking up above the clouds, a cool sight vision effect.
Fabulous Architectural Designs of the Sofa's and Crib...
Love the Sky Ceiling Effect of the White Moon Bar

The Beach Setting like in Phuket Thailand calms your nerves down. Also, there's a big circle like sofa wherein you can take selfie with your bestie, a perfect angle for your fashion photography.

The Rattan Circular Sofa, fabulous design
I loved the place, White Moon Bar is also, an ideal venue for a date, it has a romantic view, you could feel the cold breeze on your cheek and you can feel love on the surroundings, a distinct, elegant and soothing place to be with your friends, partner and officemates.

Majestic View of the Manila Bay
I just posted some photos on my Facebook, its overwhelming, they'll love to go here immediately.... I believe, thru my pictures, they can sense how relaxing the place is!

"Work, pollution and traffic are the realities urban professionals face daily. It pays that after a long day of hard work, you look forward to a place where you can destress and enjoy simple pleasures - delightful nature, good food, good drinks." said Vidad.

Also, I'll show you some of my low light Photography Images, you'll love this....

Also, for individuals who wants to try asian cuisine, Makan Makan is the right buffet for you....It can also serve as a cozy area for an after dinner night cap.

Makan-Makan Asian Food Village Fascade

White Moon Bar is located right next to the Hotel's Makan-Makan Asian Food Village.

Furthermore, cute and amazing creatures visited the launch, like Eagles, and colorful parots, it will also be seen inside the Manila Ocean Park. Their so cute, I was able to touch and hold them.

Thank you so much for all the warmth hospitality of the Marketing Heads namely: Ms. Armi Ruby Cortes -VP for Sales, Ms. Mary Joyce Arias Tarroza-Head of Sales,Mr.Kim Nichole Larios-Marketing Partnership Officer & Ms.Ann Valerie Estrella-Digital Marketing Officer.

White Moon Bar can easily accommodate 80 people, with its attractive, modern and spacious design.

Like the rays of the Moon touching your face, more abundant blessings will come to White Moon Bar, as well as to the hardworking marketing people behind this newly launched bar. The lucent white light reflecting from the White Moon brings warm smile, happiness to those people who will visit this place.

As a new sanctuary , White Moon Bar by Hotel H20 is a front row seat to one of the world's most beautiful views of the setting sun, boats, ships and the sea. The fresh breeze compliments this picture perfect moment. As the day draws to a close, from a fiery red orange to black, the night sky showcases the moon and the stars, while you can lounge in cabanas and daybeds. In such a relaxing ambience, all guests can enjoy our carefully selected food and beverage items while listening to the Balearic beats of Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza and Buddha Bar chill-out music mixed by our in house DJ.

So, what are you waiting for, if you're looking for a special setting, to loosen up or celebrate a special occasion. White Moon Bar will undoubtedly give you a perfect scenery to express your real thoughts, surreal images of nature with delightful taste of your appetite.

WHITE MOON BAR BY HOTEL H20 is open DAILY, from 4PM to 2AM,
Friday to Saturday; 4PM to 12MN, Sunday to Thursday. The Bar is available for Private Events.
For Reservations and Inquiries: Call 09175854835 or 2386100 

Take a Glimpse of the Fireworks during
the Launch of White Moon Bar by H20 at Manila Ocean Park:

Here's are some photos of my Fellow Blogger who attended this fabulous launch of White Moon Bar:

Selfie with Light Network Bloggers 

Bonding Time with Light Network 
Head Marketing Next Layderos Tugade
With Light Network Bloggers

We are the 1st Set of Bloggers who arrived at the venue, kuya John Cueto and my sweet friend Lourdhes Mercadero

Groufie with fellow Bloggers and OJT's for Light Network Channel 33

The Ojt's of Light Network 
with Kuya John 

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DECEMBER 9, 2016!!

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