Monday, December 5, 2016

My Yummy YakitoriOne Experience!!!

We didn't expect to find a Japanese Food stall at SM Aura, were just looking for a snack so, we can eat before I went home in Cavite, after we take a mass upstairs, then, we came across at YakitoriOne. With numerous food stores, its difficult to choose if were going to dine for a delicious rice meals, mouth watering menu or just plain burger.

And suddenly, as we looked around, we came across by a Japanese Style Food stall. Right away, I was fascinated on how YakitoriOne prepared its meal by looking at the window, they have a unique and amazing way to attract customers in a Japanese way. With its, large font and wooden design, any customer would love to fall in line and take a bite of YakitoriOne foodies. 

All their tasty foods are cooked in grilled, the finish products has a different window, so, you can easily select any food variation that you want to match up with your chosen meal. 

You can choose, quail eggs wrapped in bacon, or if you love vegetable, try the asparagus pork wrap.  The taste is different but its so nutritious and delicious. 

(R-L) Salmon Belly, Fish Fillet and Frien Tofu Stick

(R-L) 1st Plate (Asparagus Pork Wrap, Quail Pork Wrap & Bacon Sausage Wrap) 
2nd Plate ( Fried Tofu Stick, Fish Fillet & Salmon Belly)

One of my favorite is the Sausage Bacon Wrap. But, you should try their best sellers like: fried tofu stick, tempura and Takoyaki. I love shrimp so much that next time, ill choose another variety. Also, I have tasted a Takoyaki pop, its so yummy and not too spicy but this time its different coz the Takoyaki is on the stick. 

If your a chicken meat lover, try this Chicken Karaage, Chicken with Bell Pepper, Chicken with Onion Leak, Chicken Thigh or Chicken Balls, you will love their chicken taste.

What I loved most with My YakitoriOne Experience, I have tried to taste a different vegie and pork wrap in a stick. its like having a barbecue party in a Japanese Style. 

Visit their place at SM AURA!!!
You will love the taste of your 
Own YakitoriOne Combination!

Foodies on a Stick in a Japanese way😊

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