Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bear Hugs All Day at Cuddle Cup Cafe House!!

Warmth Hugs brings inner hapiness and self-worth that somehow somebody cares and appreciate your existence. 

Warmth Hugs symbolizes affection and understanding towards the individuals strength/weaknesses. You embrace all the flaws/imperfections with utmost sincerity and humility.

The large gap of fear of being not accepted eventually dissolved. Each moments becomes a sweet memories, it doesn't only leaves marks in the mind or heart, but, its within our soul. 

Those are the exact emotions, as I slowly uncover the simple beginnings of Cuddle Cup Cafe, a Coffee Heaven in the South, on the fascade of my old alma mater De LaSalle Dasmarinas University. A warmth hug that completes one spirit to be joyful..

So, let us together unravel, the Concept of Cuddle Cup Cafe, of Ms. Lovella, the owner of CCC.

CUDDLE CUP CAFE derives from its own 3 words, CUDDLE is synonymous with HUG, that denotes LOVE; while, CUP is a container / medium where you enjoy your coffee more. And CAFE, a place where you can bond and celebrate with friends, families & loved-ones. In Cuddle Cup Cafe, you'll feel at Home that surrounds you with great abundance of LOVE!!!!

Mr. and Ms. Go

Cuddle Cup Cafe offers a venue for discipleship & fellowship, it also provides a feeling of home to all their customers, individuals who loves to share their coffee experience and joy to everyone. CCC guaranteed everyone to render quality food, drinks especially your own favorite latte that enlightens customer satisfaction. It has Core Values such as LOVE GOD:

L: Love God, Love Others
O: Obedience to God's will , to authority
and to our Customers Demand
V: Value Providence with tge right virtue
E: Excellent Service

G: Great O: Oustanding D: Delivery of Products & Services

Cuddle Cup Cafe started with Love of Coffee and a written dream. Ms. Love envision putting up a Cafe and it became into reality, with their hardwork, inspiration and will, it was launched last January 9, 2016, to spread warmth hug & coffee experience.   
A blessing from up above, the surreal dream that inpired the Universe to grant her wish. A Law of Attraction that comes alive. A Vision that conquers her soul, her desire that is meant to happened and built. 
A Cafe Heaven that gives loves like her name spelled. To shower glee, camaraderie and friendship for everyone to experience. 
I, myself had been astoundingly experience warmth hug of those bears and puppies, the stuff animals had thick covers but, embracing them feels like i'm a child again,it gives inner joy. A glow in your heart, to play around, take pictures and imagine to be a child again & it gives you warmth hapiness, 

Cuddle Cup Cafe Premises:

Bear Stuff Toys at the crib of Cuddle Cup Cafe

The Crew of Cuddle Cup Cafe

Sweet and Friendly, Owner and Staff. You'll feel at Home,
Cuddling with the Bears.

Various Flavors for CCC Latte

The Beautiful Design of CCC Bar

A Lot of Games to choose from!!!

SAT: 1PM - 9PM
SUNDAY by Reservation

Believe me, you need to try all their flavors. By the way, my favorite is Hazel Nut, CCC signature latte,Spiced Chai and Choco Mint 

Here's the Latte: 
Not too salty but sweet and caramelized,
Love this distinctive taste of Salted Caramel

Are you a Matcha Lover, this one for you,
Oreo Matcha

You want Oreo's 
Try this , Oreo Cuddle Load

Just right for my taste buds 
Hazel Nut Latte

Choco Mint
Love the minty taste...

Spiced Chai Latte
It calms your nerves.

Strawberry Ice Blended Drinks

S'mores Drink
If you love marsh mallows with
Chocolate, try this!!

Cuddle Cup Cafe Nutty Chocolate / 
Signature Nutty Chocolate,

Another, Cuddle Cup Cafe Favorites:
Tuna Mushroom Pesto
This one, my favorite!!!!!

S'mores Dip
Kids would love this, Promise!!!

You are simply, irresistable, 
My Tuna Sandwich

Overload with cheese and beefy meat, 
Try this,
Cuddle Cup Cafe Nachos

Are you a Rice Lover, Order this Menu.
Yummy & Mouth watering 
Pork Steak in Mushroom Sauce

Our Groufie Pictures with the Bloggers & Sir Ron Clarin, PR Of R.O.C.PH with the Owner of Cuddle Cup Cafe: 

So, I'm inviting all Coffee Lovers out there near La Salle University Campus to check out this Coffee Heaven.  
Experience Warmth Hugs and Sweet Latte!!!

For your inquiries, you can call or text:

Cell Number: 09178395739
(046) 434 4209 / (032) 2180705

B1 L2 Santa Fe AreaI, Dasmarinas,Cavite 4115

Follow their Facebook Account: 
Instagram Account:

Thank you Ms. Love for letting us Experience your warmth Hug and Coffee at Cuddle Cup Cafe, more power and continue showering all your joy and love to everyone. Thank you, Mr. Ron Clarin, our PR of ROC.PH for the invites and to my fellow blogger Jesma & Reylen for the endorsement. Spread Love and Joy!!!

Thank you for reading my blog experience
about Cuddle Cup Cafe!!!
-Natalie R. Tugade, aka:seraphimblue44

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