Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dibz Apps: your solutions in parking problems in Metro Manila!!!

Nowadays, highways & streets are flooded not with people but vehicles. Especially, this coming yuletide season. Commuters will expect tremendous heavy traffic. But, don't forget the parking space for the malls, it will give you a big stress in finding one. 

But, how could we solve our problems in parking or even traffic in rush hours.I believe that our gov't and private companies are helping each other to eradicate our big issues in Manila in terms of our transportation. 

Indeed,car revenues & sales had been increasingly high in percentage during this past few years. A lot of average people had acquire car loans as their transpo commoduties to start business in various pools which includes, uber  and grab. 

Its a big business trends that allows additional income for average earner. The truth is, it adds up with traffic. But, there are means to solve a bunch of commuters, for example. grp of 4 members ending up in one uber/grab car. It lessens people commuting and using many vehicles with one person riding it. That's one terrific business that helps Filipino employees.

Recently, i've found out a new interesting apps that is so beneficial to all Drivers, Car Owner and Residential Park Owners.

You will definitely like this applications. Must have apps to gain more profit and save time for finding the right parking space for you. So, what are you waiting for, Download it now...

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Download this application for easy parking at your own designated space!!

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