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Affordable Japanese meal in Yokocho Food Court!!!

Yokocho Food Court is bursting with all familiar and delightful flavor of Japanese cuisine. With it's rich culture and tradition, your favorite ramen,yakisoba , sushi , okonomiyaki and  a lot more of Japanese cook bowl is within reach beside the famous landmark in Paranaque, the Baclaran Church.

It's my second time here in Yokocho, the first one is before Valentines Day and I'm with my Bloggers Team, Dhess, Kim and Gus. Read and look, why we keep coming back. Bloggers namely:
Lhourdhess Mercadero,Gus Cabredo,Kim Baylon and Natalie Tugade

However, this time, I was invited for a food tasting review with other Lifestyle Bloggers, it was a lunch filled with soups, ramen, sushi, maki & crepe. My stomach is so full trying all their best-sellers. Eventhough, we already tasted some, still, the okonomiyaki is what I loved most. Second, is the maki, because of the orange color and the sour taste of the mango rolled within the rice.

Also, I was able to taste various flavor of crepes. So, don't missed this one. I highly recommend trying this sweet deserts for your finale.

My rasberry crepe with strawberry

So, what makes our 2nd Yokocho more exciting, aside its free food review.

Sushi  Roll and Maki

Its because its my first time to eat the lapu-lapu sushi, for some they love it. But, for a typical pinay who patriotize Filipino food. I'll let others enjoy the sushi.I'll passed this time. "Forgive me, you can passed all the maki on my plate. I'll be eating it all. Hahaha!!!" Coz its my favorite. Its quite new experience. But, I enjoyed our Yokocho Day with our pictorials and videos inside Yokocho Food court with the bloggers. Here's some new Japanese food meals, we've tried in Yokocho Food Tasting Review. 
(See Photo Galery Below)

Photo Gallery:

The Food Court:

The Food:

Chicken Fried Noodles , Tonkotsu Shouyu , Okonomiyaki , Pork Karubi Donburi or Pork Yakiniku

Photo Credits to Lhourdhess 
Food Name: Shouyo Ramen
Price: 159 pesos
You'll love the distinct taste of the
Soup. The Noodles is smooth and soft.
Perfect for your taste buds.

Photo Credits to Lhourdhess 
Food Name: Buta-Don
Price: 220 pesos
Try the Rice noodles,its so tasteful.

Photo Credits to Lhourdhess 
Food Name: Buta Bara Nabe
Price: 380 pesos
An authentic Japanese cuisine.

Photo Credits to Lhourdhess 
Food Name: Sushi Roll
Price: 148 pesos
If your sushi lover, try this one.
It has an affordable price.

Photo Credits to Lhourdhess 
Food Name: Maki
I love it so much. It makes your
stomach full instantly. 2 orders are not
enough if your craving for maki.

Food Name: my favorite
138 pesos
Its crispy, creamy and you'll love the
Unique flavor of okonomiyaki.
Try it to believe it!

Thank you Ms. Bambi and my good friend and lifestyle blogger Claire Pajarillo, for the invitation. Thank you, Sir Jake for accomodating us in Yokocho. Nice meeting you. See you on our next food visit.

My fellow blogger friend
Lhordhess Mercadero with
yours truly!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading my food adventure and colorful japanese food photos in Yokocho. Till my next Food Review Tasting. 

Seraphims notes gives 10 thumbs up for Yokocho Food Court in Baclaran.

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Affordable Japanese Food Meals.

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