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Gum Alive: Mouth Spa Toothpaste Review!!!!

Brushing our teeth is one of the hygienic things that Filipino's usually does aside from bathing 5x a day. 

We are very careful in teaching our kids and our nieces to brush their teeth 3x a day to prevent them having a bad toothache.

Because, its too sad to see your little one's crying due to a teeth problem and its very painful. 

So, when, I heard about Gum Alive to my fellow bloggers. I instantly get interested so I could help my niece on her tooth problem and at the same time to make my teeth more stronger. Also, I want to change the brand of my toothpaste wherein my tooth bleeding problem will be resolved. So,I decided to joined the campaign, meet the owner of Gum Alive, learn their advocacy and experience the good benefits of Gum Alive.

But, before I told you my own testimony. I would share some facts and brief description of Gum Alive.

Gum Alive herbal toothpaste with Bodhical Extract, its the first mouth spa toothpaste in the world and now its conquering the PH markets. It has therapeutic claims that solves oral problems such as bleeding gums and bad breath. Best of all, it contains NO SLS,NO Parabens and NO Flouride.

Gum Alive has three variants, the whitening variant, special gum care variant and fresh breath variant. All contains bodhical extract that is effectively treat gingivitis and bleeding gums since Ancient Herbal times recorded on their journals.  Gum Alive also contains Clove oil, Chamomile Extract, Mint, Siam Miswark, Bamboo Salt, White Bamboo Charcoal,Guava Leaf and Distilled Wood Vinegar.

My very own testimony in using Gum Alive Mouth Spa Toothpaste:
Gum Alive 3 Variants: 

Blue Cover: Gum Alive Spa Toothpaste for Whitening
This is my favorite variant, because it
gives your teeth a whitening glow and it really works. This is the 2nd toothpaste,that I used and I never expected that my teeth will be whitened without the used of a bleaching substances.

Pink Cover: Gum Alive Spa Toothpaste for Gum care
This is the 1st variant that I and my niece Ac use to resolved our Gum problem. I can see the results after 3 days, my gums are not bleeding.
What amazed me more with this spa toothpaste,I'm about to have a sorethroat. But,I used it 3x a day and on the following morning, I thought I'll be sick. But, my sorethroat is gone.
I believe it killed the bacteria build-up.
Also, my niece love the taste. I told her to used it to fixed her broken teeth infront bec. she's just 7 years old
 and she loves brushing her teeth
 with Gum Alive.

Green Cover: Gum Alive Spa Toothpaste for Fresh Breath
This is last variant that I used. Indeed, you can't see the bubbles because its fixing the ph in your mouth. I wanted to see if its effective, if it leaves your mouth fresh all day and its definitely true. Even,if brush your teeth a night using this variant.
Upon, waking up in the morning.
You won't have a bad breath.
I gave this small toothpaste to my
beloved special someone, and it really works. He love the taste and definitely,will change the brand of our toothpaste to Gum Alive. 

Gum Alive is available at the following supermarkets: Cash & Carry, UniMart, Fisher Mall, Makati Supermart in Alabang and selected branches of Mercury Drugstore.

You may also order online through their Facebook page. Gum Alive toothpastes are priced at P395 pesos only.
Gum Alive is a product of ERP Wellness Enterprises. To know more about the product, visit their website at

Buy Now and be amazed with the results!!!

Thank you for reading
 my Gum Alive Spa Toothpaste Review.

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