Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My 1st Zumba Party in SkyDome!!!

My 1st Twiinzified Z-party Experience in Skydome with Alec and Manny!

I'm quite shy! When it comes to dancing because frankly, I'm getting hard time following all the steps in a fast pace mode. Indeed, I'm a fast learner in other field but in dancing. I need a lot of repetitions in order to remember and complete the whole dance program.

However, I signed up for an invitation for Ms. Armi Pineda to join a Twinzified World Beat Zumba Day with Alec and Manny ,a famous Zumba instructor in Skydome, SM North last March 26,2017(Sunday). I'm quite curious, how Zumba makes your body move actively and why Zumba participants young and old loves this new dance  craze. That is why, I've participated this event to learn how it works. 

Zumba is one of the newest and fun way of aerobics and dance new wave that let you lose a couple of lbs. While, enjoying an upbeat song that let your body shake, jump and dance intune with the music that cheers you up and energize your whole system.

I still remember, when my mother is still here, she actively hired an aerobic instructress just to teach us aerobics dance moves and have our own exercise inside our home. Definitely, exercise improves our cardiovascular endurance and helps increase our immunity. Thru, exercise, it prevents various illness to occur. It makes our mood more lively, happy and positively for our daily living.

I can't imagined, I was able to dance 5 sets of different Zumba dance music together with my fellow buddy bloggers Kim, Gus, Reylen and Ms. Roselle. I have so much fun following the steps with the Zumba Instructors in the stage. I loved all their costumes of different nationalities especially the gold inspired thailand hairdress, with its scintillating and glittering dress style. I believe, they will be the champions for World Beat Zumba National Costume and they did. Congratulations, they nailed it. Their so awesome.

All the Zumba participants enthusiastically dance with all they're might and energy. Even, if their headress are too heavy they finished all the sets until the last dance program of Alec and Manny. Their actually unbelievable, I saw some women ages 50 up but they dance gracefully and energetically. I wish, ill be like them. But, I guess, I need to dance zumba regularly to beat their stamina. Hahah.

Well, I'll think bout it.But, for the mean time. I have so much fun, dancing and taking all the videos and pictures of the event and the Zumba participants.

Fabulous Zumba Costumes of the Z Party Participants:

Here's my Photo Gallery Collection of the said event:

Zumba Party Videos:

Thank you Ms. Armi for the invitation and thank you to Twinzified , Mr. Alec & Mr. Manny for opening my eyes in Zumba Dance. Great job guys for making people happy because their enjoying what they loved most, which is dancing. Continue teaching people to have a healthy lifestyle thru exercise in the form of Zumba Dancing.

Thank you for reading this Z-Party Blog article with Twinzified Alec & Manny for World Beat Zumba Event last March 26,2017 in SkyDome,North Edsa,PH!!!

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