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#IAmUrbanBrave: 5 Best Urbanize Bags to achieve a millenial sporty look!!!

An Athletic Bag Apparel that brings an
Urban Millennial in you!!!

Staying fit and promoting wellness are hot topics in forums, conventions and even in TV commercials. Having a healthy and active lifestyle brings the best in you. Others, are inspired to see your skin glowing, your body adapting to strenous activity that uplifts your spirit to become a better version of yourself. You are surrounded with a strong and vivid energy that people seems to follow your path.

You are driven to create a sporty environment with your friends that influence them to create simple steps in achieving a great athletic skills. Those are the mindsets of millenials, nowadays. We are motivated, to try new things that uplifts our spirit and maintain healthy living. 

However, fashion is correlated with sports. Those apparel or merchandise you wear or used reflects who you are. 

But, no wories, here's my 5 Best Urbanize Bag Apparels ideas that brings the "sporty fashionista" in you. Bag merchandise that is comfy, has excellent quality, with intricate design and suitable for your athletic needs.Even, if your into biking, basketball, running, zumba dancing and trekking. Urbanized Brands has the perfect item that suits your lifestyle.

Photo credits:
Pingpong Karavan 
High quality bags that represents
a new lifestyle products, for 
a smart and fashionable, sporty

Photo credits:
HelloLulu Sling bag
Easy access top zippered top opening 
Heavy Duty UTX Duraflex Snap Hooks 
and accessories 
Poly yester body water reppelant coating

Photo credits:
Aevor Sports Pack
Inspired by back packs of New York
Bike Messengers, its comfortable &
has air flow features.
Perfect match for sports,
it has 6 liters expanded opening and
Has a separate wet compartments
for your sweaty clothing.

Photo credits:
PingPong Brik Vivid Baby
Life saver that offers 
space for essentials. Ideal for running
and biking activities

Photo credits:
Aevor Duffle Bag
Worn us Back pack suitable
for long haul excursions
Its expandible with a volume
Of 45 liters, right companion
for extended trips and adventure.

 Photo credits:
Sagmeister and Walsh 
Loqi New York Back Pack
Has water-resistant features.
Ideal for carrying light items. 
When, you are in mood for
breeze walking or jogging in the woods.

I love collecting different bags from duffelbag, back pack ,ladies bag or just ordinary day to day bag. Usually, I interchange it, in accordance with the event I attended or the mood I had. However, looking at Pingpong duffel bag, makes me wanting to buy one for my future zumba dance classes. It is suited for my Zumba Must-Haves regimens, wherein, I can bring my own water tumbler, towels and extra shirts and put it inside the bag.

Furthermore, have you ever wondered, how to be an Urban Brave Individual in a chaotic city. It's just simple, be "YOU".  You don't need to follow all the norms of the society. You are unique in your own way. Yes, we are created differently to one another, you have your own gifts and I have mine as well. But, the real question is, how and when will you learn your purpose in life. 

Seek and Discover your own style. 
Teach, Share and Inspired Others,
 Be Real, Be Urbanized (Be Brave In The City)....

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