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My Stairway Cafe Experience, EN'W Salon and House of OOTD pampering beauty goals!!!

What makes an individual truly happy, pampered and cared? Is it the food, the quality of service,  trending outfits or the genuine people you met and make friends along the way. Or perhaps, seeing your family, filled with happiness.

I love discovering new cafe haven and reviewing different salons. I love talking to the owner, the barista's and the stylists. I love listening to their stories. They're challenges in life that makes them who they are right now.

As Ms. Emilie Ronquillo, an engineer and owner of Stairway Cafe ,EN'W Salon and House of OOTD started to share her stories of how their business started. I instantly felt, how genuine, God-fearing and loving daughter/mother she is. She found interests in beauty salon with its first venture,  the EN'W Salon and Spa. But, with her kids suggestions. Ms. Ronquillo visited Cafe store in Manila, also, in La Salle coffee establishments where her kids studied to give her more inputs on how to conceptualized their coffee shop.

She also mentioned, her humble beginnings due to her mother’s perseverance and hard work, she was able to finished her course with Emilie’s mom’s Suman sa Lihiya at Matamis na Suman, the best-sellers in Poblacion, Kawit Cavite.

With her love of God and service to people, she came up with an idea to cater a salon and coffee shop to the neighborhood. That is why, with the objective of splitting the staff in between the two Salons, EN'W and Stairway, her staff would have enough opportunities to earn more.

Indeed, most of the hired personnels who came from their church’s youth ministry who needed additional income for their studies and to help them provide for their families as well.

Also, I've discovered that some of the revenues of the salon and stairway cafe is alloted for feeding program of their ministry to our less fortunate brothers in Kawit. In other words, while, you relax and pamper in EN'W salon and drink your fave frappe or shakes. Your money also went in good use. Truly, their advocacy helps you to climb the stairs in heaven. Good deeds promotes Godliness.

So, what makes Stairway Cafe different from other Coffee Shop? I believe, its in the fascade of the store and the verse written on it.

This venue serves as instrument to treasure our loved ones by giving them the most priceless gift which is "TIME".

This cafe shop doesn't only brings warmth bonding moments for families and friends. It also encourages the millenials to stay at the café to attract positivity and good connection with our creator  Jesus Christ.  It brings camaraderie and fellowship to their youth congregation.

Let me tour you around the Stairway Cafe and Salon. (See photos below)

Photo Gallery of Stairway Cafe:

Relax with your friends and Families in Stairway Cafe.... 

Order your favorite Bangsilog and Hazelnut Latte. I've tried it, and its so tasteful and the latte is perfect. A must try like Milkshakes come in espresso, chocolate, and strawberry while Heavenly Frappuccinos come in vanilla, cookies n cream, Oreo, mocha, chocolate chip, caramel, salted caramel latte, prices ranging from P 120 to P 150.

If your a pasta lover, don't missed to order the shrimp carbonara. It's so delightful. If your a morning person, try the tapsilog, it has an atsara and a sunny side up egg to complete your breakfast meal with affordable price.

Tapsilog : 80 pesos
Shrimp Carbonara: 130 pesos

 Boneless Tinapang Bangus for only 110 pesos. 

Enjoy their pastries and best-seller suman. Yummy delights of Stairway Cafe!!!

Definitely, the Stairway Barista's are game to their poses. Awesome Shot with Stairways Best-seller Burgers & Club House!!!!

Price: Stairway Cheesy Burger with Fries: 150 pesos
Stairway Club House: 130 Pesos

Salon Area:

While, your mom and special loved-ones pampering themselves with a foot spa package. Time to unwind with board games and your fave shakes to lessen the heat of summer.

Photo shoot with my fellow bloggers:

My sweet blogger friend, Jesma Salas with yours truly

A heart for Gus Cabredo, Food Blogger
with Stairway Barista

My clozette ambassador friend ,Chi Maracha with yours truly

My sweet blogger friend
Kim Baylon 
Can you see how happy we are, the ambience, the food and the people behind the Stairway Cafe together with my genuine friends completes and brighten our day. 
We simply, feel at HOME!!! 

Photo Gallery of EN'W Salon and House of OOTD: 

Both EN'W and Stairway cater to hair, body and facial treatments and is a one stop shop for families and friends who wants to look good and relax for a while.

Top View of EN'W Salon / 
House of OOTD

Your fave OOTD!!

Price ranges to 85 pesos up to 150 pesos
For beverages. 

 My Mocha Frappe,
its sweet & yummylicious.

Arabica beans sourced from Mt. Apo is their choice for their daily brews.  An array of coffee concoctions and specialty coffee from hot to cold made by their barista trained under Jack Meets Kaldi and Philippine Latte Art will get you through the busy day.

Reasonable Salon and Spa Treatment

Love this soft sofa chair. It's wide and 
its comfortable. Also,i love the LED lighting on the ceilings, it brightens the area. 

Choose your favorite nail polish

Massage Area: 

Lifestyle Bloggers  Gallery: #BeautyGoals

Lifestyle Bloggers, truly enjoyed their
Pampering beauty goals
at EN'W Salon in
Kawit, Cavite.

Another, keratin treatment 
with Chi.

I love their foot spa 
It relaxes my nerves.

Thank you, Mammy Ricky
For a fabulous 
Brazillian Keratin Treatment
Blow-up. For 1,500 pesos, your
Hair is free from damage.
Its smooth and soft. It maintains
shiny hair color.

Stairway Cafe & EN'W Salon & Spa,
One big happy family. 

I'm glad, I didn't passed this one. 
I was able to mingle with my friends. Meet a generous and affectionate owner and most of all, an event that 
makes me realized how precious time is and that you should value, the people who loves you more!!! 

They held some promos and contests to reach out to their social media community such as:

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Also, kindly like the FB pages:
EnW Salon and Café and House of OOTD -

Bear in mind, "TIME is not measured by clocks or minutes, it is by

Thank you to Ms. Joy Felizardo for the invitation and to Ms. Emilie Ronquillo and to all the staff, for the warmth welcome and for accomodating us all.
More blessings and abundance coming in your way.  May you all, bring more joy, generosity and love, to your neighborhood as you climb
the stairway towards Godliness.
Thank you for reading my blog about
My Stairway Cafe Experience, EN'W Salon and House of OOTD pampering beauty goals!!!
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