Friday, April 21, 2017

Coffee Project: A Warm Coffee Experience in the South of Metro.

Coffee is a liquid soluble , a warmth hug into your brain!!!

After, we tried a new Asian Dish called "Chaolong", a Viet food primarily Bulalo with beef stew & rice noodles with my Food Blogger Friends. We managed to travel 1 km from Bacoor to our next destination Las Pinas.

All of us agreed, to relax and unwind a little wherein we could enjoy some coffee time experience. Eventhough, I loved coffee so much , I doubtedly almost say"no" to dhess preposition to visit the place.

But, I'm glad I didn't, its such a cozy place, a warm ambience, you can smell the sweet aroma blend of coffee everywhere, it has a huge balcony. The Coffee Project in Las Pinas is an awesome place for coffee lovers and a place wherein you can relax, bring your laptop and finished your projects while, drinking your favorite hazel nut latte with a sweet cereal cookies or creamy cup cakes.

I love the interior designs of the place, the hanging bike and flowers,  the coffee frame quotes hanging in the walls, the british sofa and the unique designs of the chairs and tables. The place looks so elegant and pleasing to the eyes. The baristas are quite friendly.
Coffee Project in Las Pinas is neat, organized and filled with excellent coffee experience.

A place that I could recommend to all of my friends who loves coffee so much and a place that you can be alone and have time for yourself.

Also, it is good for bonding moments with your barkadas, to catch up and enjoy a hot tea or  cold blends of latte/cafe especially after office hours. Indeed, I prefer the place at night, its more romantic and serene. Definitely, you'll love the place like I did. Its my first time to visit a Coffee Project branch, near in Cavite but it exceeds my expectations. The coffee is great, the designs are awesome and the place is perfect for my taste. Simple, filled with elegance and most especially, it has a vintage look like your having a coffee in Venice. Ideal for corporate meetings in the morning. 

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Order this unique Taste of
Vietnamese Latte

Pistachio Sansrival 

Love my Caramel Creme Brulee

I'm happy that you enjoyed reading my Coffee Project experience in Las Pinas.

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