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My Book Launch Experience and Wealth Without Wall Street Book Review!!!

Financial Freedom is like having a long and unwinding pilgrimage. You need a lot of preparations, tough decision-making, financial advices and most importantly, the right mind set. Like, a storyteller,you'll find a book that interest you most because it dwells in true to life experiences that replicates the same situation you had. You learn to read it, page by page because as you reach the main climax of the story, you'll learn the true meaning of the book, that is where englightenment comes. You'll suddenly find a quick answers to all things that battling in your mind. Little by little that small book opens new opportunities that changes your life instantly.

Robert C. San Luis Top International bestselling author of the book Wealth Without Wall Street -- Seven Keys To an Early Retirement held a seminar on financial freedom during the launch of his book at the Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City. With the success of his book in the United States (US), the finance guru, successful investor, and sought after investment consultant in America has arrived in the country on a mission to educate Filipinos on investment trends and achieving their dreams of financial freedom. I'll elaborate it smoothly and  take down important notes for you  as you continue to read my blog. Oftentimes, people are getting difficulties of knowing himself, his ambitions and goals in life. No doubt,I'm one of those. Upon, reading this book thrice or even 4x, I've learned lessons that is useful in what I'm going thru right now. Even, it takes me almost a month to decipher the real essence, why I was invited and intended to meet the author itself. It was destined for me to have a copy of this book. 

Furthermore, here's a little information about Mr. San Luis, he was born to Filipino parents, who were both doctors that migrated in the US in the 1950s, San Luis decided to take a road less travelled for a family of doctors. He decided to become a financial advisor and a business coach. “I have started an investment revolution and I have brought it here in the Philippines to mark a global campaign that will teach investors how to replace their income and enjoy an early retirement,” he said.

However,I have written a very important keypoints that makes me analyzed, realized and visualized what I really want in life. Things that needs to be prioritized and be grateful for.

Information and advices are essentials for us to grow.  As a human being, we are here to understand our gifts, skills and mission in life that enables us to live fully and to be truly happy.

Definitely,  “We build our finances and investments while we are young. We work to prepare for a comfortable retirement, but based on facts only two percent will enjoy financial freedom after they retire from work. And this is what led me to writing this book,” he explained. So, here's some photos of the book launch. (See pictures below)

Book Signing:

Thru, this inspiring book, we learn the seven keys to an early retirement. Let Mr. Robert C. San Luis shares his knowledge to the world especially, his fellow Filipino's. Here are the 7 keys:

1) Investing is seeking superior information and act swiftly.
2) A successful investment is making your personal finances a priority.
3) A successful retirement goal is to select a strategy that can replace your working income and avoids speculation.
4) A succesful investment is to invests assets that produce cash flow  right now.
5) Construct your optimal investment plan.
6) Seek professional guidance to help you implement and manage your unique plan.
7) To create SOS (Spiritual Operating System) Read my insights below.

Here's the Basic Elements of building a financial plan that replaces your working income by the author:

A.) Make the decision to stop speculation and start investing.
B.) Create an emergency fund.
C.) Have sufficient insurance coverage.
D.)Buid a portfolio of income-producing assets.
E.) Find seasoned investment professionals who can help you achieve your goals.
F.) Plan to reduce or eliminate debt.
G.) Limit your speculative holdings to the amount that you are comfortable losing entirely.
H.) Consider future plans to sell your business/professional practice.
I.) Consult asset protection experts to guard againsts legal threats.
J.) Be conscious of your taxes.
K.) Invests a variety of real estate investments.
L.) Spend your money wisely.

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Lastly, the book Wealth Without Wall Street will also help you plan to prosper. San Luis shares some of the most sought-after investments that can help you retire sooner. He highlights in his book that people should learn how to replace their working income with passive income by adopting a well-planned approach in investment opportunities.

The Wealth Without Wall Street will teach you how to reduce risk, increase cash flow and enjoy greater financial security. It will also show you how not to work until death but will teach you how to make smarter financial decisions for a retirement lifestyle you desire.

To sum it up, for an individual to create or write a book, it means he already knew his purpose in life. His spiritual operating system is intune with its mission to express his brilliance, to share ones gift to the world and to serve others.  The success of your life long dream of an abundant retirement is measured by your SOS, based on the book, it is the way you experience life that affects your ability to achieve happiness and fulfillment. When you truly appreciate life  by serving humanity thats the time you performed duty to God. The lessons, I've learned from this book is, first, you need to fix your chaotic mind, act swiftly, maintain your vision, passion  and dream. Always be grateful and give priority of what matters  most. Maintaning spiritual connections will strengthened you to any struggles in life. By choosing love, happiness and by serving others and our creator, you will achieve a fruitful life in the future.

Thank you Mr. Robert San Luis for sharing this inspiring book to us. May you continue to inspired others by teaching  strategies to achieve a greater financial security.

The book Wealth Without Wall Street -- Seven Keys To an Early Retirement will be available in all Fully Booked branches by the end of the month. So make sure to make a reservation and contact
You can also check for more information.

Thank you for reading this blog about Wealth without the Wall Street Book Launch!!!

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