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My 1st Kilig Serye Precious Hearts Grand Fans Day!!!

KiligSerye101: During Precious Hearts Grand Fans Day 2017!!!

Eversince,I was a young girl. I love to read romantic and sweet novels. By reading those, I imagined myself finding the right man and knowing him by a bumping him in the road or  even, just a simple sigh/look or a text message just suddenly entered my mobile phone or an accident message in ym like serendipity.  But,definitely,its just fantasy. Ladies end up creating her own imagination of "The One" or "Prince Charming" who will swept their feet and fell in love and be happily ever after. Like, Precious Hearts Romances stories, some end up winning, finding one true love and others, end up crying a bucket of tears and losing the one they loved most.

Mr. Segundo Matias,Jr., Founder of PHR
However, in real lives, its often harsh , especially when in terms of having a relationship. But, through the years, I've learned to continue loving despite of all the heartaches. That is why, I just kept my smile hidden each time, I hear a love song. 

My simple kiligserye in Precious Hearts Grand Fans Day starts when, I hear Volts Vallejo sing the song, "stay" in Precious Hearts Romance Grand Fans Day last March 25, 2017 (Saturday). Girls, I'm not into the guy. But, the song itself. His angelic and cool blendid voice makes me remember, when, I was young. Listening to love songs that makes me fall in love, over and over again. 

Mr. Noel Cabangon, Male Recording Artists. Performed Kanlungan
And Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko during PHR Grand Fans Day

Ofcourse, I'm happy, we had a selfie picture with him,because of his quality of voice. I know from the start, his career in singing will boosts up to the next level. And, it did, because the following day, he sign up for the 1st Artist of 2017 for onemusic.ph . His blessed to be part of the group wherein Inigo Pascual and Maris started their singing career.

Volts Vallejo, new Accoustic Artusts in Onemusic.ph
However, all the PHR Fans are so "kilig" with volts. You can hear their loud screams and some girls taking pictures with him while, his singing a melody. Volts is such a sweet and humble guy. 

One thing, that makes the PHR Grand Fans Day more special, its because, I was able to meet and take a picture with the Founder/Owner of PHR,Mr. Segundo Matias,Jr. I'm honored to see him personally. Also,I'm glad,I was able to take some pictures of the famous writers of PHR.

It's my 2nd time to attend a PHR event, the 1st one is so memorable because that is the debut of yours truly for being a lifestyle blogger. It's PHR Event on MIBF2015, wherein, its the 1st ever event I've attended. Quite a precious memory for me. 

Mug Collections with the Writers  Name & Authors of PHR 
Thank you Sir Jun and more blessings to PHR. Even, its a digital world nowadays. We can never erase the fact that Filipinos loves to read romantic stories. As long as, all Pinays are hopelessly romantic. PHR will still blooms. It will never be forgotten because its in our roots that we are a loving spirit. A soul that continues to love even in other dimension or corners of the world.

Love conquers all and PHR pocket books makes us believe that there is such thing as True Love and Forever.

Volts Vallejo's Videos:

VOLT's, his own "Stay" Rendition

Photo Gallery:

Thank you Ms. Edith,Brand Marketing Manager of Precious Hearts and Ms. Leomy Sanchez,PR/Lifestyle Blogger for the invitation.

Hope, you enjoyed all the kilig pictures of your Precious Hearts Writers, Pocket Book and Event Photos...

Again, Thank you,Sir Jun for tons of pocket books you gave to all the bloggers.

Keep on supporting Precious Heart Romances Pocket Book. Continue to believe in love and search for True Love!!!

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