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Seraphims Book Review: #Social Media Addict

Are you a person who can finished a thick book or novel in just one sitting, or even just one whole evening just like me, especially, if your really interested with the story plot of the book.

The title itself drawn my attention to start reading it. Its like a big magnet  attracting me to read the whole story and once you hold on to it, you can't stop reading it. 

"Social Media Addict" by Heart Yngrid makes me realized a lot of things. This Tagalog pocket book by Precious Heart Romances  is must read to all millenials whose fond of social media 24/7.

I love reading english novels/books  about Angels, motivations, quotes and fiction adventure. I seldom read tagalog pocket-books but when,I've attended PHR Grand Fans Day. Mr. Segismundo Matias,Jr.,he gave us 1 paper bag filled with PHR novels. Thats why, I've excited to read one.  So, definitely,I need to choose an interesting book to start my reading marathon.

And, #SocialMediaAddict is the 1st Book i'll be reviewing. Nevertheless, we are guilty of being a Social Media Addict. Some find happiness in sharing their social media lives, IG photos, status, feeds, foodinstagram and even putting # (hashtag)  in various social media platforms for visibility.  And Bloggers are aware of that ofcourse.

However, Millenials are distracted on how to gain followers, increase their likes , retweets and shares. Some focuses on having a fabulous OOTD just to post it in IG and awesome statuses. What do you gain in increasing your numbers?

There are advantages and disadvantages of being a #Social Media Addict, but, definitely, you'll learned a lot from this tiny book of #SocialMediaAddict

Book Cover Credits by Precious Hearts

Here are some insights of the Social Media Addict pocketbook that I've read:

*# or hashtag are very important if you want to highlight certain topic or strong drive of emotions like #IHateTom or #ILikeTom

*_official are added on the usernames usually being used by celebrities and known individuals.

*Social Media Addicts has real emotions reflected on their tweets, status, shout outs and OOTD's.

*Millenials are more engaged in social media posting and sharing.

*Real people & real friends are difficult to find in social media. Sometimes, turning off the wifi is the best way to keep in touch with your genuine and old time friends.

*"I have never felt connected to anyone like I have to you" by Tom, those lines are heart felt, from somebody who doesn't often used social media on expressing how they really felt inside towards a person.

*Most Social Media Addict has real problems in life especially Personal and Family matters like Kassie, the main character. Its their only way to be heard or express how they really feel towards certain incidence of their daily lives. 

*Your a positive social media addict, if you hear the beep of notifications on your phone and you want it to see it immediately. Even, if you bump towards another person without looking your pathway. You eagerly answers to pm or im. 

*You belong in a group of Social Media Addict, if you can't stop taking photos of your food , while your eating in new food venue. You take a snap and post it right away.

*Most of all, you can't leave the house without bringing your pocket wifi anywhere you go.

* Your an automatic likers, commenters and retweeters every post & shares of your friends.

*Social Media Addicts loves reading other people happenings in their lives. Some just wanted to see what people are up to. Comparing their lives with others or just simply, making "tsismis" to have updates and be popular digitally. 

*Some millenials used social media to connect with their admirers and loved-ones. They find a sense of inspiration and admiration towards people they look up too.

There are a lot of ways to test if your a Social Media Addict, one test that is effective, try to look for a powerbank in her bag. If she has, its positive she's a Social Media Addict. Also, if she always put # in every post , she shared, its big point that she is. The advantages of living in digital world, we can easily access knowledge and info. in one touch of our finger. But, we need to be more responsible for sharing our status,videos or photos because, one viral photos can break or change a person's life forever.

For me, real and personal connection are still important nowadays, wherein you can see into his eyes and felt in his heart, how much he genuinely cared.  Minimize your digital usage and smell the flowers in your surroundings. Watch the clouds blown by the wind. Be grateful and live calmly without using technology for just few minutes of your time.

Grab a copy of #SocialMediaAddict by Heart Yngrid at any Precious Pages Book store. Read how #IHateTom turn into #ILikeTom ......

Thank you for reading my book review about 
Social Media Addict!!!

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